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Allows you to organize your music collection, among other related functions
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If you are a music lover, you – like the most people – have surely accumulated lots of audio tracks on your PC that are now scattered into many folders. If this is your case, AllMySongs Database may come in handy for you. This program allows you to organize your entire music collection, so that you can locate any specific track almost instantly. Besides, the program offers you many extra related tools, which allow you to auto-rename your music files, download album covers and artist photos, and play back your audio tracks, just to mention some examples.

Of course, the program works by implementing a songs database. You can add tracks to this database either from your existing files/folders or directly from your audio CDs. The program supports files in all the most popular audio (and even video) file formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg, MID, FLV, AVI, MP4, and others. You can sort your tracks, search for specific ones, create playlists, and listen to your music thanks to its built-in audio player.

As I stated before, the program can search the Internet for song lyrics, artists’ photos, and album covers, download them and add them to your database for you. Besides, you can manually edit the tag information of any track, including its title, album name, artist name, year, genre, and number of track, among other fields. Once all this information is in place, you can make use of the tools that need the data to work, such as the automatic file renamer. Finally, you can search for specific songs ─ or filter the track list ─ by using the advanced search tool, which allows you to apply up to five filtering parameters. The program provides you with some quick-access, predefined filters, such as the last 200 songs added or the tracks with no artist or no album associated to them.

To sum up, AllMySongs Database is a comprehensive tool that allows you to enjoy your music collection in a much better way, organizing your tracks, downloading the missing information from the Internet, and locating your favorite tracks almost instantly.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to search for specific tracks and filter the display list
  • Allows you to edit the tag information of your tracks
  • Capable of renaming your audio files based on their tag information
  • It can download song lyrics, artist photos, and album covers automatically
  • Supports all the most popular audio and video file formats


  • The amount of sections and controls in the main window may be intimidating for novice users
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